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My seven (six) archangels have been decided! :D I doubt anyone reading this is very familiar with angel lore, but just in case, know that I took some severe liberties with which angels I decided were the archangels, as well as with the spellings and translations of their names. (Hey, it's my story! :P)

  • Who is like God?                
  • His name as meant as a rhetorical question - no one is like God
  • symbol of humility before the Lord
  • Right Hand of God
  • leader of the legions of Heaven's Holy Host
  • God is my Strength
  • God is both his strength and his purpose - he is the messenger of God's word
  • Left Hand of God (Michael fights against evil on the battlefield, Gabriel fights against evil by speaking God's word and saving human souls)
  • will blow the horn sounding out the Last Judgement 
  • God Heals
  • angel of healing
  • healed Tobit's blindness and the infirm at the pool of Bethesda
  • defeater of Azazel (demon)
  • God is my Light
  • Angel of Repentance
  • Guard of the Gates of Eden
  • holds the key to The Pit
  • has a sword of fire
  • One Who Seeks God
  • Angel of God's Righteous Love
  • revenges the light and punishes those against God
  • covered in fire
  • expelled Adam and Eve from Eden
  • The Face of God
  • angel of exorcism
  • angel of penance
  • guardian to all who have inherited salvation
  • arch-rival to the Antichrist (demon of lies)
Lucifer (fallen)
  • Light-bearer
  • I don't think Lucifer needs much introduction

Also, in my story, several angels have been promoted to archangel to take Lucifer's place, but none of them could hack it, so there are only six (for the moment).

Research for my novel has begun!
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For those of you who don't know, I was hit with a story idea last week, and it came at me like a tidal wave - I had to dive right in. I don't want to give away too many details, but it is going to be a dystopian story line set in a world still reeling from the apocalypse. The government is run by angels - wings and all.

I barely knew where to begin, but I knew I needed to pick up some (more) dystopian novels and some books on angels, so I took a trip to Half-Price Books today and picked up some books for "research". In addition to some of my favorite novels I bought just because they were cheap, I purchased:
  • Fahrenheit 451
  • Brave New World
  • A Clockwork Orange
  • 1984
  • Paradise Lost
  • The Divine Comedy
  • Angels (Artists & Inspirations).
Despite having read all of these before (except the Angel book), I picked them up so I could have them handy whenever I needed an idea. I'm also planning on picking up Out of the Silent Planet, Lord of the Flies (even though I hate it with a passion, it is a good character study), Ender's Game, and The Lathe of Heaven (amazing, amazing book), as well as any other dystopian novels I think will help me. These will be added to my collection of dystopian novels which already consists of:
  • The Giver
  • The Hunger Games + sequels
  • Uglies + sequels
  • Gone + sequels
  • V for Vendetta
  • Never Let Me Go.
I'm also planning on picking up some more books on angel lore, I just need to find some good ones first, none of that new-age angel magic crap. I may need to pick up a bible or two as well, all we have at my house is the NIV, and I would like to reference other versions, especially the KJV.

Unsurprisingly, because I am a nerd, I'm really looking forward to all this reading!

Hello there.
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This has to be my fourth or fifth account here on lj. I can't seem to stop deleting them. Fourth/fifth time's the charm?


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